"Strother Enterprises was a key subcontractor of ours and they always proved to be a reliable and capable business partners of ours in all aspects of the contract."
-J. Kirby
VP of Operations & Logistics
Schwan’s Home Service, Inc.
"Strother Enterprises has proven to be a true team player, responsive to requests, provide reliable services, are cost effective, and always willing to work in a collaborative manner."
-Nickolas A. Little
VP Strategic Contracting & Compliance
Wexford Health Sources, Inc.

What we do

We know that our reputation for creating, implementing, managing and sustaining best practice service solutions cannot be sustained without constant attention to our client’s needs and the pipeline of resources that our enterprise contracts demand. Our many decades of experience and culture of family ownership underpin our daily passion to perform outstanding service, deliver competitive cost / value and honor our past and present founders to make them and our customers proud of our growing brand integrity and certifications that include:

Food Service
Is there a more rigorous, demanding, labor intensive and price conscious industry that demands unrelenting safety, quality, and health conscious attention to detail and customer satisfaction than food service?... Probably not. Yet this is where we’ve cut our teeth for 3 generations in the services management industry with the following capabilities:
  • Branded concepts
  • Concessions / Retail Services / Quick Serve
  • Catering / Dining Services
Operations / Labor Management
Our reputation for integrity & skilled solutions enables our clients to rely upon Strother Enterprises to provide a potential array of staffing and labor management. Service management is about people – our ultimate source of pride in what we do. Capabilities include:
  • HR Administrative Services
  • Training
Additional Support Services
Available to further the total value proposition of working with Strother Enterprises. Our long standing trusted performance in professional services management can naturally extend to our providing additional support services. Capabilities include:
  • Janitorial / Environmental Services
  • Consulting

Who we service

Sports & Entertainment

Sports and Entertainment food services demand extreme efficiency. Dedicated fans pay to see their teams and favorite performers - they are our real-time clients. We focus on honoring the fans by delivering high standards of customer service and a variety of food and beverage choices in an efficient, polite, and speedy manner. We enjoy what we do and it shows.


Compliance, stability, best-in-class training, and innovative solutions comprise the foundation of Strother Enterprises’ success in the healthcare industry, from medical staffing to providing wellness and healthy nutrition to patients and employees. We are extremely proud of our level of service, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Business & Government

Strother Enterprises’ extensive experience with providing a wide array of services to business, airport, convention centers, correctional facilities and government entities, including contract catering, branded concepts, concessions, and dining services, is highly respected. We value diversity, inclusion, and adhere to ethical principles in employment practices with a consistent focus on compliance, training, development, and sustainable initiatives.


Educational food service comprises an ever-evolving web of challenges that not only demand nutrition compliance and program participation but an increasing charge to accommodate those with special dietary needs and restrictions. Strother has creatively delivered on all these challenges for K-12, colleges, and universities for decades and will continue to provide the best price and highest value.


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