Veterans Day! Interview with Robert G. Strother, Co-founder and COO

We’re continuing our Veterans Day celebration with yet another interview. This time, I sat down with our other co-founder, President, and COO, Robert G. Strother. In this interview, Robert talks about his experience in the U.S. Airforce, and what drove him and his brother to start their own business, Strother Enterprises, Inc., a minority, and [...]

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Veterans Day! Interview with our co-founder and CEO, Ernest L. Strother

Thirty years ago, Ernest L. Strother and his brother Robert G. Strother founded Strother Enterprises, Inc, a minority and veteran-owned company. Their desire to follow in their father’s footsteps and their passion for good food and quality service led them on the path to entrepreneurship and enhancing the lives of the people they serve. In honor [...]

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This Memorial Day weekend, take a moment to remember. Honor the ultimate sacrifice. Celebrate the extraordinary service, commitment and courage. Thank you to those who served.

For two consecutive months, our SUBWAY's employee of the month is... DeAnna Hill! DeAnna's team spirit and willingness to learn new things led her coworkers to nominate her for the award again this month. Congratulation DeAnna! #StrotherPHL

Another great and inspiring #ImagineOIC event by @PhiladelphiaOIC. We love the work that you do. Congratulation to all the award recipients. 2

Always an honor to be able to sponsor such an amazing organization!

Did you know? #FunFoodFactFriday

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