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About Strother Enterprises Inc.

Strother Enterprises, a prominent minority and veteran-owned company for 30 years, approaches every service management solution with a blank canvas to ensure that all client objectives are diligently achieved in our customized solution models. We respect the reality that no two organizations, or their needs, are exactly alike, and bring this to bear in designing inspired Food, Staffing, and other Support Services outcomes.


Strother’s inspiration for excellence was established by their father, Ernest Strother Sr., an executive chef and caterer, and uncle, Robert H. Strother Sr., U.S. Navy Culinary Specialist (CS) and food service manager, who imbued their family with a preeminent responsibility for distinction and discipline in life, and most certainly, within the realm of culinary service. They exemplified their passion for food service by working well into their eighties! And while their lessons did not translate into our pursuing a family enterprise of fine dining, they firmly established the invaluable foundation and constant pursuit of highly skilled, competitive and socially responsible cross-industry food and related services that drive all of Strother Enterprises’ solution partnerships to this day.


Strother’s Management Team is a deliberate unique blend of experienced talent and passion for service. Each member is trained to interactively share and build each other’s skills as people oriented leaders who pay close attention to all phases of daily project management.

Natasha Strother Lassiter

Executive Vice President
A talented and accomplished executive with more than 15 years of proven leadership skills, knowledge and experience to drive Strother Enterprises’ legacy forward.
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Ernest L. Strother, Jr.

Chairman and CEO
A dynamic leader with over 30 years of success in translating growth strategies and business development opportunities.
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Robert G. Strother

President and COO
A passionate operations executive with over 30 years of accumulated success and knowledge in leading workforce management, development, and future planning.
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