Strother Enterprises Statement on Human Rights Protests Across the Nation


We stand in solidarity with all the protesters across the nation demanding justice for George Floyd and the countless victims of racism and police brutality. We recognize that now is the time for America to unite to fight to escape its racist roots. And while there has been progress over the years, the nation is at a pivotal time where it has the chance to wholeheartedly reject its white supremacist ideology. In this defining moment, we are committed to doing our part. 

As Vietnam veterans stationed in Mississippi in the 60’s, we served our country and returned to less than a heroes’ welcome. We came back to be embroiled in the civil rights movement, and we know the importance of freedom and how painful moments in our history can bring about real change. So, we will not turn our backs on this movement. 

As longstanding minority business owners serving the Philadelphia region, we recognize the need for companies – small and large – to contribute to the solution. At Strother Enterprises, we will continue to be an economic driver in the Black community. Also, as an employer of a diverse workforce, we are reaffirming our support for education and job development. But we can do more, together. 

We challenge our strategic partners and employees to participate in the change. Let’s work with each other to take deliberate actions to help institute equal rights, and to create a future where we all openly acknowledge the humanity of African Americans within our homes, workplaces and communities. 

Like so many in our nation, we believe this is an overdue conversation. At the same time, we understand that, for some, the protests across our country are an eye-opener to the inequality that exists in our society. Our goal as business leaders is to help raise awareness around this issue to make a positive difference. To this end, we are open to having honest dialogue about ending institutional racism with those who want to be a catalyst for change. 

We urge company leaders to make equity, diversity and inclusion a priority at the board and executive leadership levels. We also need your partnership in advocating for black-owned businesses through lending and meaningful contract and partnership opportunities. Above all, we are calling on you to stand for justice. 

Political participation at the national, state and local levels is crucial for social progress. We encourage everyone to vote in this year’s general election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Visit to register or to request an absentee ballot. 

Finally, we are here for all of our team members and are committed to your well-being. Please continue to take care of your families and loved ones during this time.

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