Veterans Day! Interview with Robert G. Strother, Co-founder and COO


We’re continuing our Veterans Day celebration with yet another interview. This time, I sat down with our other co-founder, President, and COO, Robert G. Strother.

In this interview, Robert talks about his experience in the U.S. Airforce, and what drove him and his brother to start their own business, Strother Enterprises, Inc., a minority, and veteran-owned company, founded in 1987. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: Bob, tell me a little bit about your military background?

A: I was a security officer in the Strategic Air Command department of the U.S. Airforce. My responsibility was to secure and protect the B-52s, the nuclear bombs, and the missiles that were on various bases in Columbus, Mississippi and throughout Vietnam.

Q: What influenced you to start your own business and why the food industry?

A: My brother said to me that there was an opportunity for us to be entrepreneurs and add value to our community. We also felt that we had something to contribute in term of our experience with catering and food, as well as an added niche to the minority communities in seeking alternatives to their catering needs.

Q: How has your military service influence the way you run Strother Enterprises and its operations?

A: It [the military] taught me how to adapt, how to adjust, and how to get things done and move ahead, no matter what challenges I faced.

Q: Do you believe veterans can be good entrepreneurs?

A: Yes. Veterans have the commitment you need as an entrepreneur. Once you come out of a well-disciplined area, you have the determination to serve a purpose for the greater good.

Q: What advice do you have for other veterans returning to civilian life?

A: Take the skills that they have, and those that they learned in the military, and adjust them and modify them to the technologies that are in the world today. If they can do that, I think they will be very successful.

Q: Thank you, Bob. Last but not least, do you have anything you want to share on this Veterans Day?

A: God bless all the veterans who gave their heart and soul to make this a better country.

Robert has contributed to Strother Enterprises’ outstanding growth and stellar reputation. He carries his leadership skill in directing the day-to-day operations, and encourage the people around him to grow and become better leaders.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Robert and Ernest’s experience in the military and as entrepreneurs.

Thank you to all the veterans for their service!


Anais Nussaume


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